‘Eco-Freindly’ cow dung ‘diyas’ to be lit in Uttar Pradesh on Deepawali

Lucknow, 26 October: The practice of lighting cow dung lamps in Lucknow on Diwali, the festival of lights, has started increasing.

Idols of Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi made of cow dung in Lucknow

However, this times the number of ‘diyas’ will be lit here in double the number of diyas that had scattered their light here on the last Diwali.

Not only here, the demand for cow dung lamps has increased even in Kanpur, Ghaziabad, and Bareilly. Rather, on this Diwali, the dung lamps made of Lucknow will spread their rays even in America.

Meanwhile, one lakh cow dung-made lamps will be lit simultaneously on Dhanteras at Jhulelal Lal Park situated on the banks of river Gomti.

At the same time, ‘diyas’ will also be lit on the balcony of people’s homes. Not only ‘diyas’ but also the idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh, Kuber made of cow dung will be worshipped.

Apart from this, elephants and other toys are also made of cow dung. Cow dung diyas are cheaper than earthen diyas. There are also eco friendly ones. Their disposal is also very easy. By using cow dung lamps, you can dissolve them in water and put them in the trees. They will also act as fertilizer.

Shalini Singh has made preparations to bring cow dung lamps and idols in the market. Shalini is the Director of Citizen Development Institute. Under its banner, she is getting cow dung lamps made. Dozens of women are doing the work of making cow dung under her direction.

She told ‘diyas’ are being made in Kanha Upvan now. She told that last year where close to one lakh diyas were made. At the same time, this time three and a half lakh diyas are being prepared.

She further told that this time fifty thousand diyas will be lit at Ganga Ghat in Kanpur on the occasion of Diwali, due to which the demand has increased a lot.

Shalini stated that the ‘diyas’ have been painted in different colours. All are of same size. These diyas are light but strong and will not break when falling on the ground.

She further apprised that cow dung lamps and Lakshmi-Ganesh idols are cheaper and stronger in price than clay lamps and idols.

She told that here cow dung diyas are available at the rate of 4 rupees and will be available in the market at the rate of 5 Rs.

She told that the cost of a 5-inch idol is Rs 101 and a bigger idol is Rs 170.

Shalini said that lamps and idols are being sold in Krishna Nagar, Kanha Upvan, Bhootnath Bazaar, Kapurthala Bazaar, Jankipuram. Here we have our counters. Apart from this, other shopkeepers have also bought diyas from us, so they will be available there too.

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