Delhi HC allows to open Nizamuddin Markaz with restrictions

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New Delhi, 24 March: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday allowed the opening of Nizamuddin Markaz with conditions.

The court has allowed fifty people to offer prayers in the mosque inside Markaz. This order has been given by the bench of Justice Mukta Gupta. The next hearing of the case will be on April 12.

During the hearing, the Central Government told the High Court that the festive season is coming. In such a situation, fifty people selected from the Waqf can be allowed to offer Namaz in the mosque inside Markaz.

The Central Government said that the list of those offering Namaz should be given to the SHO of the area.

During the hearing, Ramesh Gupta and Wajih Shafiq, on behalf of the Waqf Board, told the court that there is a festival of Shabe-Baaraat at the end of the week. During this festival, Markaz should be allowed to open. He said that only mosque will be used to offer Namaz and madrasa will not be used for this.

Waqf said that the holy month of Ramadan is starting from April 13. Many people want to offer prayers in the mosque during Ramadan.

The court then ordered a further hearing on April 12.

It is worth mentioning that Nizamuddin Markaz located in South Delhi was closed since March 2020 after several people who attended Tablighi Jamaat congregation contracted to coronavirus (Covid-19). A case was registered against several foreigners visited Markaj.