Rising of Covid: Change in SARS-CoV-2 is not responsible for second wave but the negligence of the people: NCDC

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New Delhi, 24 March: The reason for the second wave of corona infection in the country is not the change in the virus but the negligence of the people.

According to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), so far 771 cases in the country have been exposed to other malformed variants of the corona. So far, a case of 736 UK types, 34 from South Africa and 1 of Brazil variant has been reported in the country.

NCDC Director Dr Sujit Kumar told in a press conference held on Wednesday that till December three thousand samples had been examined, but eleven thousand samples have been tested in the last three months. This number will be increased rapidly in the coming days. He told that 65-75 percent of the people can fall prey to this disease. Therefore people need to be more careful.

He said that virus changes are being seen in Maharashtra, Delhi and other cities. According to the NCDC official, more than eleven thousand samples have been tested in the country in the last three months in which 771 cases have come in the form of other diluted forms.

NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul said that in some states in the country, where the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, there is a change in the virus. People need to be cautious. States also need to do more tests. There is a need to keep distance from people to break the link of infection. He said that people need to be cautious in view of festivals like Holi, Easter coming up.