Covid vaccine will be effective on new strain of SARS-CoV-02, confirms Union Health Ministry

New Delhi, 22 December: Vigilance in India has been heightened by the news of new type of strain of coronavirus detected in United Kingdom (Britain).

The Union Health Ministry has issued new guidelines to the states with the cancellation of flights from the UK by December 31.

On Tuesday, Member of the NITI Aayog, Dr VK Paul said that the countrymen need not be afraid of the new strain of Corona virus. But people need to be careful.

He said that there are usually changes in the virus. The central government is keeping an eye on the changes in the strain of the coronavirus in Britain.

VK Paul pointed out those early studies of the new strain of the virus showed that it spreads faster than existing viruses. However, its effect in patients with this virus and the number of deaths due to it has not been seen.

“The country is now undergoing a gene frequency test along with the corona test. People need to be vigilant. Because of this new strain, no change has been made in the treatment protocol,” Paul added.

The vaccine will also be effective on the new strain virus

Dr VK Paul confirmed that preliminary studies have shown that the vaccine will be effective on new strain viruses. No adverse iffect on its effect is being observed by the change of corona virus.

Let us tell you that so far twelve people who came to India from Britain on Tuesday have been found corona infected.

At the airports of Karnataka, Chennai, Delhi, Amritsar and Kolkata, these passengers have been sent to institutional quarantines.

Also, passengers in the airplane three seats ahead of the seat of the infected and three seats back have also been quarantined.

Avoid the big Christmas and New Year celebrations

The Union Health Ministry has appealed people to stay away from the big celebrations of Christmas and New Year.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that the pace of new cases of corona in the country has decreased slightly. But the threat of corona has not yet been postponed. The corona spread rapidly in the country due to Diwali and other festivals. Therefore, the coming Christmas and New Year parties should be done at home, do not go out in large crowds.

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