Covid-19: Uttar Pradesh in better condition than many countries in Europe

The total population of England, Italy, Spain and France is equal to

U.P.Number of positive cases in these four countries is about 173.32 lakhs

Lucknow, 01 May: When the entire world is vulnerable to the coronavirus disease. On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh is in a better position than many countries in Europe. The population of Brazil is 21.27 crores, where the number of positive cases is 143.40 lakhs. The total population of England, Italy, Spain, and France is 256 million, which is almost equal to Uttar Pradesh.

On the other hand, if we see the total positive cases in these four countries of Europe, then there are about 173.32 lakhs infected, whereas in Uttar Pradesh, the number of positive cases is just around 11 lakhs.

Not only this, the state of Uttar Pradesh is much better in the fight against Corona from the rich states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Despite having a much lower population than Uttar Pradesh in these states, the number of positive cases is high and samples testing have  been done, while Uttar Pradesh not only has less infection despite having the highest number of swab testing in the country compared to these states, but the number of positive cases is also less.

England, Italy, Spain and Germany have an average death rate of 6464 per million, according to Health Department data. The total population of these four countries is almost equal to that of Uttar Pradesh. Despite this, Uttar Pradesh has an average death rate of 47.51 per million, which is much lower than these countries.

UP made a record by doing the most testing

A spokesperson of the state government said that even if we talk about testing, Uttar Pradesh is ahead of many states. Daily testing capacity is being increased rapidly in Uttar Pradesh. The health department is testing more than two lakh people daily. A total of four crore 10 lakh 64 thousand 661 Covid tests have been completed in the state so far.

“In this, about two lakh 66 thousand 326 Covid tests have been done in the last 24 hours. Out of these, one lakh 14 thousand 672 tests have been done through RTPCR. At the same time, 19 thousand tests have been done in private labs,” he added.

State’s recovery rate also increased in the last five days

In view of the increasing cases of Corona, the State Government is constantly taking strict steps. This is the reason that the infection rate in Uttar Pradesh is decreasing rapidly. In the last 24 hours, 38 thousand 826 people have recovered from Corona in relation to about 30 thousand 317 new Covid cases in the state.

The government spokesperson believed that it is the result of the tough and big decisions of Chief Minister Yogi that Uttar Pradesh is fighting the battle of Corona with better methods than before.

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