Covid-19 penalty : Up to Rs 500 fine for venturing out sans mask in Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow, May 16: The Yogi government has issued a notification regarding the Epidemic Act, in which penalty will now be charged for violation of the lockdown rules.

Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Amit Mohan Prasad said on Saturday that after the notification regarding the Epidemic Act, now fines can be slapped against those venturing out in public places without masks, handkerchiefs or mouth covering. In this, a penalty of Rs 100 can be imposed for violating the rules for the first time, Rs 100 in the second time and Rs 500 for violating the third time.

Up to Rs 1,000 fine for lockdown violation

Similarly, if a person is not infected, is healthy and is violating the lockdown orders, then a fine of Rs 100, which can be increased to Rs 500, will be imposed for the first time. The penalty in the second time is Rs 500, which can be increased to Rs 1,000. Thereafter, there is a provision of a fine of Rs 1,000 each time.

License may be revoked for two rides in a two-wheeler

Principal Secretary informed that till the notification continues, only one person is allowed to drive in a two-wheeler. In the meantime, if someone violates it and two rides are found on a two-wheeler, then a fine of Rs 250 can be imposed for the first time, Rs 500 in the second time and Rs 1,000 in the third time. After this, the suspension or cancellation of the license can be taken.

Exemption for women going to work

He said that if a woman going to the workplace does not have driving skill and a family member is going to drop her then with the permission of the Executive Magistrate will be required for two people on a two-wheeler. However, the person sitting behind will have to use helmets, masks, gloves.

Up to Rs 500 fine for spitting in public place

He said that like spitting in public places, there is a huge risk of spreading coronavirus infection. Therefore, for doing this for the first time, a penalty of 100 rupees, second time also 100 rupees and third time with 500 rupees can be imposed. It may be imposed by an officer of the rank of Executive Magistrate or Inspector.

Risk area will be closed if new case does not come for 21 days

Principal Secretary, Health said that on the other hand, if there is no infected case in the risk zone for 21 days, then that hotspot will be closed and the risk zone proceedings will be terminated. Action will be taken again if any new confirmed case comes in future. Districts in which no confirmed corona patients have been identified for the past 21 days will be classified as green zones.

If there is more than one toilet in the house, you can be sent on Home Quarantine

He said that now the district administration will be able to send people whose house is big and there is more than one toilet, according to the new guideline, regarding the Home Quarantine. In this, the person concerned has to follow the protocol. Other family members will not use the toilet he or she uses in the house. Will keep distance from him or her. When the room and toilet are connected to each other, the person concerned should be kept there and the other members of the house do not come in contact with him or her for the prescribed time.

21 days home quarantine for asymptomatic migrants

He said that 21 days of home Quarantine has been arranged for the migrant workers without symptoms. However, If any symptoms are found in them, then they will be examined, they will be kept in hospital and will get treatment if they found infected. Even if they are not found to be infected when symptoms are present, they are prevented for 7 days and then re-examined and sent for 14 days of home quarantine.

Use immediate helpline number if you feel symptoms

Principal Secretary, Health said that the helpline number of the Health Department is 1800 180 5145. If someone has symptoms like cough, fever or breathlessness, call this number immediately, experts will advise you to rest home or get yourself examined. If our experts advise someone on a call that they should get their examination done, then go to the nearest government hospital and get them tested.

Get oneself inquiry done in front of you

In the event of infection, treatment will be provided free of cost by the government. Do not get panic at all from this disease, come forward and get yourself examined. Most of the people are recovering from the hospital and going home, so there is no need to get panic in any way.