COVID-19: Bollywood singer and three more test positive for Chinese virus, admitted in KGMU

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Photo of a special ward meant for COVID-19 patients in King George’s Medical University in Lucknow

Lucknow, March 20: Four new patients infected with Chinese virus popularly known as novel corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) have been surfaced in Lucknow.

However, patients have admitted to King George’s Medical University’s (KGMU) special Corona Ward after all four people were found infected in examination. The KGMU administration has confirmed that all four persons are infected with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the total number of admitted patients in KGMU has reached nine, with four patients admitted to KGMU on Friday. Three of the four patients admitted to the Corona ward are residents of Khurramnagar area of the city and fourth patient is famous bollywood singer who is a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Key member of the team formed at KGMU to deal with Corona,

Suryakant, main member of the team formed to deal with COVID-19, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a message to the countrymen to take necessary steps to defeat COVID-19.

All the people of the country and the state must ensure the advisory issued by the Health Department, so that they can keep themselves healthy, told Suryakant.  

He told that patients who are newly admitted are being treated. Best way to avoid the fast-spreading of corona virus is to confine ourselves at home. Be self-aware and do people.