Corona Virus:Prime Minister Modi calls for ‘Janata curfew’ to defeat COVID-19

New Delhi, March 19: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed for ‘Janata curfew’ from 7 am to 9 pm on March 22 (Sunday) as an experiment to save the country from the spreading of global pandemic of novel corona virus disease (COVID-19).

Along with this, he urged the countrymen to stand in the door or balcony of their houses on this day for 5 minutes to show your gratitude towards people who without caring about their lives are taking care of other’s lives in the time of corona outbreak.

Amidst the rapidly growing infections of the corona virus, in his message to the nation at 8 pm on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi advised people that precaution is the biggest cure in this pandemic, as no sure measures of its treatment have been revealed so far.

“Globally, it has also been seen that in many countries in the initial stages people fell ill in small numbers but then it suddenly took the form of an epidemic,” Modi added.

The Prime Minister requested countrymen that they will have to restrain themselves in the next few weeks, go out of their homes if is required.

He advised children below 10 years of age and elderly people above 65 years of age not to leave their homes unnecessary.

Prime Minister Modi urged people to avoid the tendency of panic buying.

March 22 will be a test for our effort to protect our nation from the virus, Modi said.

He said that the government is constantly monitoring the supply of all types of essential commodities.

He said that a task force has been formed under the leadership of the Finance Minister to assess the adverse effects on the country’s economy from this epidemic and to prepare a counter strategy.

The Prime Minister urged the rich and resourceful people to take care of the interests of the people working in their offices, shops and homes and if they do not come to work then they should not halt or deduct their salaries or remuneration.

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