CM gives financial aid of Rs 10 lakh to kin of scribes died of Covid-19

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Lucknow, July 31: The families of journalists who died due to coronavirus disease (Covid-19) have received fiscal support of Rs ten lakh from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Describing the spirit of responsibility-discharge of these late journalists as inspirational, the Chief Minister has given an assistance amount of ten lakh rupees to their families, as well as reiterated to provide of all necessary help to the families of the deceased in the midst of the pandemic.

He has said that the state government stands with every family who has lost their loved ones during this calamity.

Chief Minister Yogi handed over a check of the aid amount to the families of the deceased media persons in a soulful program organized in Lok Bhavan auditorium on Saturday.

Senior journalist Rajat Sharma, President of National Broadcasters Association (NBA) was present in this special program as the chief guest.

In this program held in a very emotional atmosphere, Chief Minister Yogi thanked the journalists for the important contribution of the media in the fight against Corona.

Chief Minister Yogi said that this is a moment for all of us when we pay our respects towards all those departed souls associated with the media world who have sacrificed their lives while running their writings for the society during the Corona period. Can express condolences, express tribute and be a support to the family members.

Chief Minister Yogi said that we all know that for the last 15-16 months the entire country, the entire world is battling the biggest epidemic of this century. Every section has been affected by this disease. At the peak of Corona, everyone was afraid; everyone was haunted by an invisible apprehension. Even in such times, the media persons were engaged in their work. The job of the media as a vigilant watchdog of democracy is such that they have to move all the time. But they did not have PPE kits, no globs, no masks and it is not necessary to have sanitizers all the time, but our media personnel stood on their path. Without worrying about yourself, keep making the society aware.

Yogi said when we controlled the first wave in a way, only then the program of vaccination also started. Even then the media did not have any security cover, so the state government first started the work of providing commentary-covers to journalists in Lucknow and Noida and then all over the state.

 The CM also thanked senior journalist Rajat Sharma, president of the NBA for suggesting the vaccination of media persons.

He said that till now 25 thousand media persons and their families have been given the vaccine only at Lucknow and Noida centers.

CM Yogi said that today we are almost close to controlling Corona, but nothing can be said when it will come back. While giving a check of the aid amount to the families of the deceased media persons, the CM described the government as a partner in their happiness and sorrow.

National Broadcaster Association President Rajat Sharma while paying tribute to the late journalist colleagues on the occasion said, β€œIt is an emotional moment. My condolences to those journalist brothers and sisters who have become so far away from their loved ones due to Corona that they will not be able to come back. Then in the meeting of the NBA, it was decided that the journalist colleagues should be given the vaccine as soon as possible.

β€œI spoke to many Chief Ministers. Somebody said if you get the vaccine, we will get it done. Someone said but there was a Chief Minister who called on Sunday and told that our journalist comrades go in public, their life is in danger. The Chief Minister did not even allow the matter to be completed and said that you do not worry about them; we will get them the vaccine,” said Sharma.

He himself took the initiative to set up a vaccination camp in Noida and 10,000 journalists and their families got free vaccines. For this, the gratitude of CM Yogi is expressed on behalf of the NBA.

The families of these media persons got assistance

Pankaj Kulshrestha – Agra, Rakesh Chaturvedi – Varanasi, Anjani Kumar Nigam – Banda, Shafiq Ur Rehman – Lucknow, Munnalal – Kasganj, Shyam Lal Singh – Lucknow, Alok Srivastava – Lucknow, Amiya Aadhar – Agra, Syed Haider Mehndi Ali – Lucknow, Ram Bhagat-Saharanpur, Shailendri Katiyar-Kannauj, Pushp Lata Shukla-Kanpur Nagar, Rajiv Pawaiya- Lalitpur, Anil Srivastava-Basti, Pramod Srivastava, Lucknow, Shiv Nandan Sahu-Kaushambi, Satchidanand Gupta-Lucknow, Himanshu Joshi-Lucknow, Ankit Shukla- Lucknow, Rafiqur Rahman-Lucknow, Prem Prakash Sinha-Lucknow, Dhirendra Dhir-Lucknow, Pawan Mishra-Lucknow, Harishankar Gupta-Hamirpur, Rakesh Srivastava-Lucknow, Mohd. Wasim-Lucknow, Kunal Srivastava-Noida, Salahuddin-Lucknow, Usha Agarwal-Moradabad, Ramnaresh Tiwari-Auraiya, KK Sinha-Ayodhya, Arun Kumar Pandey-Kanpur Nagar, Rohit Sardana-Noida, Ajay Shankar Tiwari-Gorakhpur, Om Prakash-Jaunpur , Madhusudan Tripathi-Lucknow, Sushila Devi-Basti, Shafi Ahmed-Rampur, Mohan Shukla-Prayagraj, Subhash Mishra-Lucknow, Kaushal Kishore-Lucknow, Waqar Mehndi-Lucknow, Akhilesh Krishna Mohan-Lucknow, Amarendra Singh-Lucknow, Syed Gufran Mian Rampur, Kailash Nath-Jaunpur, Ajay Sharma-Agra, Ravi Prakash Awasthi-Lucknow, Ankit Srivastava and Rajkishore Tiwari-Lucknow.