Country gets weak by conversion of majority citizens, says Allahabad HC after rejecting bail plea of Javid Ansari

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Prayagraj, 31st July: The Allahabad High Court has stated that the Constitution gives freedom to every adult citizen to adopt the religion of his choice and marry of his choice. There is no scientific restriction on this. The constitution also gives everyone the right to live with dignity. People leave home, change religion for the sake of respect.

However, The Allahabad High Court expressed concern and said that the contractors of religion should reform themselves, because the country is weakened by the conversion of the majority of the citizens. Disruptive forces get the benefit of it.

The court said that history is witness that if we were divided, the country was attacked and we became slaves. The Supreme Court has also considered religion as a way of life and said that faith and belief cannot be bound. Bigotry, fear and greed have no place in this.

Changing religion for marriage cannot be void and acceptable

The court said that marriage is a sacred sacrament. Changing religion for marriage cannot be void and acceptable. The court has refused to release on bail to Javed alias Javid Ansari, who had married to a girl by falsely converting against her will.

The victim has given a statement in front of the magistrate that she was signed on the paper written in plain and Urdu. Was already married, lied and got converted. Even at the time of statement, she looked scared.

The court has rejected the bail application of the accused of kidnapping, conspiracy and conversion law. This order has been given by Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav.

The petitioner said that both are adults and she changed religion on her own and got married. The religion was converted even before the Conversion Law was introduced.

The victim said in her statement that she had gone to Jalesar market on November 17, 2020 at 5 pm. Some people forcibly put her in the car. On the second day, when she regained consciousness, she found herself in the Karkardooma court in a crowd of lawyers. The papers were signed there. Conversion was done on November 18 and then taken to many places.

โ€œThe marriage took place on 28 November. When I got a chance, I called the police. The police recovered the victim on 22 December,โ€ the victim said in court.