Clashes break out between security forces and youths in parts of Kashmir after Eid prayers

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Srinagar, 5 June: Clashes broke out between youths and police on Wednesday morning in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district after Eid prayers was over.

According to the witnesses, youths, chanting anti-India slogans, clashed with forces in several areas of old town areas of Anantnag. Eye witness added that Police used mild cane charge and teargases to disperse the youths

Clashes were reported from Janglat mandi; Reeshi Bazar; Lal chowk and  Sherbagh areas.

Eid prayers were not held Ahl-e-hadees Eidgah Achajipora, Hanfia Eidgah janglatandi  because of overnight rains While as eid prayers were offered at jamia ahlihadees sherbaggh, jamia masjid hanfia reeeshi bazar and Darul Huda and Rehat ded mosque Lal Chowk.