heatwave conditions to remain same for next one week in northern states due to the slow pace of Monsoon, expected to hit Kerala coast by June 8

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New Delhi, Jun.6 : Monsoon is at slow pace this year and it may be delayed to hit the Kearal coast by June 8. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had earlier predicted that the state will receive its first monsoon showers of the year by June 6. But IMD yesterday said that monsoon in Kerala would be delayed by a week than the usual date. IMD also states that conditions are likely to become favorable for Southwest monsoon to advance in parts of northeastern states in the country during the next three to four days.

Ironically, the Southwest monsoon hits the coast of Kerala by June.1 with a standard variation of about seven days. This time it was earlier predicted to set over Kerala on June 6 with a deviation of four days. 

It may noted that the Southwest monsoon bringing showers to Kerala, marks the beginning of the rainy season for the state. As the monsoon progresses, it moves northward bringing relief to the scorching summer temperatures in northern states of the country. But the present delay will affect the progress and arrival of the monsoon in the northern states by one or two days. Over the last two years, Southwest monsoon hit the Kerala coast before June, in late May. In 2018, the monsoon hit the coast on May 29, while in 2017, it was May 30.