BJP faces defeat in Municipal Corporation election

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ย Meerut, 09 March: The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) faced revolt in the municipal corporation after the election of Meerut Cantt Board vice-president.

However, despite the executive vice president had a majority in the election, the BJP had to face a crushing defeat on Tuesday. Ranjan Sharma of Congress was elected vice-president due to cross voting.

The election for the post of vice-president of the municipal corporation was to be held on Tuesday in Tilak Hall for which 12 members of the executive had to vote. Among them, five councilors belonged to the camp of Mayor Sunita Verma while seven councilors were from BJP. Due to this, BJP’s victory in the elections was believed to be decided.

But during the voting, Mayor’s camp candidate Congress councilor Ranjan Sharma got seven votes and BJP candidate Sunita got only six votes. Due to which Ranjan Sharma was declared victorious.

After Ranjan’s victory, the BJP camp has disappointed. Due to the rebellion of one of the party’s councilors, senior BJP leaders of the district have submitted the report of the entire incident to the high command.

After Ranjan’s victory, District President Avnish Kajla and Metropolitan President Zahid Ansari felicitated him in the Congress office.

Significantly, Sunita Verma, who was elected mayor on the BSP ticket, has joined the SP along with her husband former MLA Yogesh Verma.

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