Bank holidays in two working days in October, Association clarifies

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Lucknow, 30 September: The United Forum of Bank Unions has clarified that banks have a holiday in only two working days in the month of October. Apart from this, the news that is coming out about the holidays is misleading.

Anil Tiwari, the media in-charge of the organization, said on Wednesday that some media groups are exaggerating holidays to tarnish the image of bank and bank personnel among the common people, which is not fair. This is tarnishing the image of bank employees and their morale also falls.

He said that in the month of October, only two working days are being given to bank employees on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti and Milad-un-Nabi also known as Barawafat holiday on October 30 and Maha Navami on October 24 which is second Saturday and Dussehra on Sunday on October 25th.

β€œIn such a situation, it is completely misleading to talk about the news of 10 holidays and 14 holidays somewhere,” Tiwari added.

He said that the common man needs to beware of such fake news. Some people try to discredit the bank and the bank employees among the general public that it is not true that the bank employees get lots of holidays.

He said that the general public need not be bothered at all as there are only two working days holidays in October and the rest of the holidays which are on Sundays or two Saturdays every month are already known to everyone.