Attempts were made to strangle female security personnel in the House: Piyush Goyal

New Delhi, August 11: Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha Piyush Goyal on Wednesday termed the behaviour of opposition members in the House as shameful and a blatant insult to parliamentary tradition and said that the opposition members, breaking all decorum, misbehaved with woman security personnel and strangled her.

Goel and the Deputy Chairman, in their address on the last day of the Monsoon Session, strongly condemned the conduct of the opposition members during this session and said that a special committee should be constituted to look into all the incidents in the House.

He said that strict action should not be taken against the opposition members like suspension, but such strict action should be taken against the opposition members who violate parliamentary conventions so that the House can run normally in future.

Terming the uproar and disruption of the opposition members during the monsoon session as planned, the Leader of the House said that many senior leaders of the opposition had expressed their intention that they would not allow the House to function. With this intention, the opposition members not only created noisy and ruckus, but also tried to attack the Chairman, the General Secretary of the Rajya Sabha and the security personnel.

He said the marshals risked their lives to protect the posture and the officers working at the secretary general’s table.

Goyal said that the most shameful incident happened on Wednesday when an attempt was made to strangle woman security personnel.

He also mentioned the incidents in the House in the past. Goel said that a member climbed the table and threw a heavy document towards the chair. Had the Chairman been on his seat at that time, he could have been injured. Similarly, even after suspension from the House, some members refused to leave the House. In this incident, a security personnel was injured after being hit by broken glass.

Goyal said that the entire country has seen this condemnable conduct of the opposition members and the people of the country will give a befitting reply to them.

He further said that due to peaceful discussion on the Constitution Amendment Bill related to OBC reservation, the ruling party had hoped that other bills would also be passed after discussion, but the opposition stuck to its old stand.

Goyal said that time and again instructions have been given by the Chair that no member should come in front of the Chair. Despite this, the opposition members came forward without putting on masks and ignoring the Covid-19 protocol, created a ruckus again and again.

The National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and the National Commission for Homeopathy (Amendment) Bill, 2021 were passed amid uproar in the House after passing the Constitution Amendment Bill. Meanwhile, most of the opposition members went out of the house.

After Piyush Goyal’s address, Deputy Chairman Harivansh announced the indefinite adjournment of the House. The monsoon session of the House ended with the national song Vande Mataram.

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