PM at BJP HQ: Communicate with public, don’t expect support from Media: PM Modi

People rejected by public are spreading confusion: PM

New Delhi, 20 January: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the context of protest against Citizenship( Amendment) Act(CAA) by some section of people in the country, that it is not because our government is doing anything wrong, but the method of protest is left only before the rejected people by the public.

Modi said that the people who were rejected by the countrymen  in the elections, they now have few weapons and handicrafts left. One of them is to mislead the public  in the country by lies. The same kind of confusion is being repeated and repeated by some the section of people with vested interest.

In an event organized at the party headquarter  to greet the newly elected President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Jagat Prakash Nadda, Modi said that it is not that our government is doing anything wrong, but the opposition parties have problems with our ideas  and policies on which the party has been pursuing while being in power or sitting in opposition.

The Prime Minister did not directly mention the CAA and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in his address but called upon the workers to go public and communicate directly with the people on these issues.

Referring to the challenges before the government and the party, Modi said that he does not consider elections a big challenge. “Elections keep on coming. The real challenge is to keep up with our ideals and policies and meet people’s expectations,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said that we will get support through media, it is less likely.

Referring to the nationwide campaign being run by the BJP regarding CAA, he said that thousands, lakhs of people are participating in such programs but these are not being covered by the media.

He said that the growth and spread of the party has taken place due to the activists and direct communication with the public. The vested interest  groups have always been against us and we do not care about them. He said that our effort should be to expand the party at the grassroots level. Also the quality of workers should be improved.

Modi said that it has been the nature of the party since the beginning that the Horizontal party should expand as much as it can and the worker’s vertical will expand, due to the same tradition, BJP is getting a new generation, which can help in furthering the party. Is successful. He said that it is a matter of great pride for all of us that the ideals and values ​​that we had gone through in politics, the values, values ​​for which four-five generations were spent, about the same ideals and values ​​and the aspirations of the nation. The BJP molded itself, expanded itself.

The Prime Minister said that our party has been running on these tracks, struggle and organization. It is the aim of the party to fight for the problems of the country, to increase the organization, to develop the worker, but running the party while in power is a big challenge in itself. In such a short span of time, the BJP has also expanded, connected itself with public aspirations and also made timely changes. A living conscious Chetan Vrind Party is not only the largest party built on the strength of numbers, but is a party built in the hearts of common people.

The Prime Minister said that the second feature of the BJP has been that the party should run but the basis of democratic values ​​should be strengthened. It has been the specialty of the BJP that we should move forward like a party joining a smooth running system. He said that we are people who have come to serve Mother Bharati for a long time. We have to do this work for centuries and do not sit peacefully without fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of which this party was born. He said that a worker should continue to take whatever is his power and strength, while playing the responsibility that he gets and trying to give his best, we have seen this quality in Nadda closely.

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