Agitated farmer leaders plant flower saplings to respond iron thorns panted by Delhi Police

Ghaziabad, 05 February: Agitated farmers followed the ideology of ‘Gandhigiri’ to respond to the thorns planted by the Delhi Police on the Ghazipur border.

Farmers have planted flowering saplings in response to iron thorns planted on the road. Indicatively, farmer leaders planted marigold plants near barricades.

In this regard, Rakesh Tikait said that the police are sowing thorns in our path and we have decided to sow flowers.

He said that marigold plants have been planted only symbolically near barricading. Farmers are developing a flower garden at the bend with a road leading from Delhi to Dabur Tirahe so that this place can be made green by removing the dirt lying on the roadside.

“The garden of flowers will always remind us of the thorns of the Delhi Police, as well as the flower plants planted by the farmers will serve to scent the atmosphere,” Tikait added.

Rakesh Tikait said that it is possible that the fragrance of these flowers can start getting good. To plant flower plants on the roadsides, farmers planted soil and also brought marigold plants from the nursery.

He said that we are priests of peace and are trying to answer the thorns with fruits.

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