UP Budget 2021 to go paperless like Union Budget

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Lucknow, 05 February: Like the Union Budget, on the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the exercise of making the state budget paperless has also intensified.

Therefore, all the legislators have been asked to buy Apple iPad up to 50 thousand.

The state’s budget session will start from February 18. The Yogi government wants to make this budget paperless.

In view of this, these instructions have been issued. The legislators will have to buy iPads at their level at the moment; the government will pay for it later.

Rajesh Singh, Principal Secretary, Legislative Council has written a letter to all members in this regard.

In this, he said that ‘I have to inform you that as per the decision made by the government, purchase an Apple iPad (tablet) up to 50,000 from your financial sources before the first session of the Legislature starts on February 18 2021. Get the amount of reimbursement by presenting the bill at the time of undersigned. ‘

Actually, the last budget session of this tenure of Yogi Government is to start from February 18. It is set to be paperless.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had earlier directed in a meeting that tablets should be made available to all the members before the Legislature session. Training programs for legislators should be conducted for effective use of tablets.

He said that the new Uttar Pradesh of New India will be seen becoming a part of the wide engagement of the Council of Ministers and Legislature members with technology.

The Chief Minister has also instructed to give intensive training to the members of the Council of Ministers for the upcoming meeting of the Council of Ministers through e-Cabinet.

He said that ministers should be trained in relation to e-cabinet in their home and office by taking time from them. Ministers should be made aware of the security features of the e-cabinet and practiced.

It is being told that in the order of the budget session and the instructions of the Chief Minister, from February 11 to 13, the experts of NIC will give paperless working tips to the MLAs.

In this training program lasting three days, they will be informed through the tablet to advance the problems in their area from paperless to the process of asking questions in the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

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