After India and US, Pakistan bans TikTok

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Islamabad, 09 October: TikTok, an application for sharing short videos, has been banned in Pakistan. India had first banned this application followed by the US.

According to a release issued by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, a complaint was received from various sections of the society about the application, that indecent and immoral content is shared in it.

According to the release, TikTok administration was asked to take appropriate steps regarding this and was given appropriate time.

However the application failed to fully follow the guidelines. Due to this, instructions have been issued to ban the video-sharing app in the country.

The PTA has also said that the administration is ready for a dialogue with TikTok to reconsider the decision with an open mind.

They said that the decision may be reviewed after framing the procedure related to regularization of illegal content of tiktok.

It is noteworthy that TikTok has been banned along with other Chinese applications earlier in India. This restriction was taken from the point of view of data security of the people.

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