Ayodhya Municipal Corporation scam of 3 crore in the name of sanitation workers

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Ayodhya, October 09: A scam of about Rs three crore has come to light in the name of sanitation workers in the Ayodhya Municipal Corporation (AMC).

Meanwhile, Municipal Commissioner Vishal Singh has directed the investigation into the case.

Fake names have been found in the bills of payment to the municipal contract company. This has been revealed in the investigation of the outsourcing company of the cleaning workers.

However, as soon as the information was given to the Municipal Commissioner Vishal Singh, an order has been given to investigate the entire matter.

Internal sources believe that if the probe is done in a right full manner, the names of big fish may come up in this case.

It is being told that through 300 fake sanitation workers of AMC, the contract company has given more than three crore to the Municipal Corporation in 2 years. About 15 lakh rupees are spent every month on these fake sanitation workers.

Now the Municipal Corporation is preparing the list of these cleaning workers.

The city commissioner told that everyone will be screened with Aadhaar card and KYC. Who is involved in this case, who is the mastermind of it will also be investigated.

Municipal Commissioner Vishal Singh said that he called one employee each from Raghuvanshi Infotech, who deployed the cleaning staff and got the verification done. Also, documents of outsourcing company have also been summoned. It was revealed that the contract of the company has ended in 2018 itself. On this, the commissioner started the investigation by outsourcing.

Now a new twist has come in the investigation of the case. It is learned that honorarium of 300 employees is being paid, but these people did not go to work and neither their data is correct.

It is also learned that only after penning down the names of workers on muster roll, the outsourcing company comes to know that they are employees.

The number of such employees is around three hundred.

The Municipal Corporation believes that there is a long nexus behind it, which is being investigated.

The Municipal Corporation is preparing to recover the funds sent to the accounts soon and file a report. Also, recovery will be done from all such fake security employees.

Municipal Commissioner Vishal Singh said that the records of all are being investigated. The payments made on these fake people from the municipal corporation will be withdrawn under any circumstances.

“However, it is difficult to say who is involved right now. Everything will be known after a complete inquiry. I will definitely confirm that no culprit will be spared and the right staff will not be punished,” Singh added.

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