Afghan crisis: Taliban imposes restrictions on co-education in Afghanistan, ‘no’ to male teachers for girl students

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Kabul, 30 August: The changed form of Taliban is now clearly visible to the people that there is no change in its brutality and traditionalist thinking. Now the Taliban has announced a ban on co-education system, going back on its promise to give rights to women in Afghanistan. At the same time, the Taliban has also banned the withdrawal of more than $ 200 (Two thousand Afghani) from the bank every week.

A day earlier, the Taliban, which are trying to form a new government in Afghanistan, appointed Sheikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani as the acting Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan.

Afghan journalist Bashir Ahmed Gwakh said in a post on Twitter that the Taliban had officially announced a moratorium on co-education.

The Higher Education Minister has said that males will not be allowed to teach girls. This will deprive girls of higher education, because universities will not be able to afford it and there are not enough human resources.

According to media reports, the Taliban had already banned co-education in colleges and universities in Herat province of Afghanistan. Male teachers will not be allowed to teach girl students. Acting Education Minister Haqqani has said that education will be given only under Sharia law.

Many people have condemned the move by the Taliban, as universities are not in such a condition that they can arrange separate classes for boys and girls.

The Taliban have asked all Afghan citizens to return the weapons, vehicles and all other government assets to the officials of the relevant department. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also shared this order on Twitter.

Ban on withdrawals of more than $200 from the bank

The Taliban has banned withdrawals of more than $200 (two thousand Afghani) from the bank every week. The Afghanistan Bank, Afghanistan’s central bank, has asked all private and international banks to limit their individual customers’ withdrawals to $200 per week in a government order. After the Taliban capture of Kabul, there has been a cash crunch in Afghanistan.