Yogi Government proposes Rs 641 crore for the development of Ayodhya

Lucknow, 22 February: In its budget for the year 2021-22, the Yogi government has given special emphasis to increase basic tourism facilities in the ancient cities of Ayodhya, Varanasi, Naimisharanya, Chitrakoot and Vindhyachal.

There is a focus on increasing air, highway connectivity in the state. With a view to bring the rich ancient heritage of the state to the global stage, the Tribal Museum and the Vetika Museum have been announced in memory of the great freedom fighters.

With the provision of special budget on the centenary year of the Chauri-Chaura incident, it has also been decided to honour the talented writers and artists of the state.

In the budget, the Finance Minister has made a provision of 200 crores for the Chief Minister Tourism Development Scheme.

In view of the increasing number of tourists in Ayodhya, a provision of Rs 100 crore has been made for the development and beautification of tourism facilities.

Similarly, keeping in mind that devotees have easy access to the Ram Janmabhoomi, a provision of Rs 300 crore has been made for the construction of link roads connected to the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple.

To connect Ram devotees from all over the world to Ayodhya, a budget provision of Rs 101 crore has been proposed for the construction of the under-construction Maryada Purushottam Shriram Airport.

However, a provision of Rs 140 crore is proposed for the overall development of the city of Ayodhya including the development of the ancient Suryakund Temple.

Also, a provision of Rs 20 crore has been proposed for various schemes of tourism development in Chitrakoot area associated with the Ramayana circuit.

Apart from this, there is a provision of Rs 30 crore for the development of modern tourism facilities in Vindhyachal Shakti Peeth (Mirzapur district) and ancient Naimisharanya (Sitapur district).

At the same time, a provision of Rs 100 crore has been made for the development and beautification of tourism facilities in Varanasi, the city of Baba Vishwanath and the parliamentary constituency of PM Narendra Modi.

In the direction of preserving art and culture, the world has been offered Rs 08 crore for the construction of a tribal museum in the capital Lucknow and Rs 4 crore for the Freedom Struggle Museum in Shahjahanpur, with a view to preserving the precious heritage of the state.

To commemorate the completion of hundred years of the Chari Chara Jan Aakrosh case, the Chauri-Chaura centenary year will be celebrated for a full year, for which a provision of Rs.15 crore has been proposed.

In its proposed budget, the Yogi government has decided to honour Uttar Pradesh Gaurav Samman for the encouragement of artists and writers, who have not been awarded any other awards in the state till now.

Under this scheme, every year 05 outstanding writers and artists who raise the value of UP in the country and abroad are planned to be awarded with an amount of Rs 11 lakh

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