WPL-1090 resolves 1.02 lakh complaints of female harassment

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Lucknow, 07 September: Women Power Line-1090 has disposed of 1, 02,251 complaints related to various forms of harassment against women from January 1 to August 31 this year.

Strict legal action has been taken against such people, who were harassing victims through mobile and electronic devices and social media in 1090 complaints cases.

According to Additional Director General of Police and In-charge Women Power Line, 1090 Neera Rawat, a total of 1,86,778 complaints were received on Women’s Power Line 1090 from January 01 2020 to August 31 2020, out of which 1,18,867 complaints were related to phone bullying and cyber bullying, out of which 1,02,251 complaints have been resolved.

โ€œBesides, the remaining complaints are also being disposed of by 1090 on priority. Apart from this, 1700 complaints related to stalking and 66,211 related to crime have been transferred to District Police, GRP and UP 112,โ€ told Rawat.

ADG Neera Rawat told that the 1090 team, while taking action against two vicious criminals who committed indecency and indecent acts with women, under different sections of IPC and IT Act, cases have been lodged in Manpur police station in Sitapur and Bachharanwa police station in Raibareli. An FIR was registered and an arrest was made.

Against these accused, 123 complaints were lodged in 1090 by women and girls from different districts of the state.

She said that the complaints filed on 1090 are being done by a representative of UNICEF, a third party assessee. This gives an accurate assessment of the disposal of complaints and also increases the credibility of the unit.

Out of the complaints lodged in Women Power Line-1090, in which complaints were found to be harassed by the accused even after general counselling, those complaints were resolved by the special team of 1090 through the FFR (Family, Friends and Relative) counseling. By the month of August this year, out of a total of 713 such complaints, the FFR counselling has provided relief to the victims.