Use of disinfection tunnel to be prohibited

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New Delhi, 07 September: The use of disinfection tunnel to prevent from coronavirus infection will stop. The Central Government gave this information to the Supreme Court today.

On behalf of the Central Government, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that the use of disinfection tunnel is not right to protect against corona.

Mehta said that spraying in it can harm physical and mental health.

Then the Supreme Court said that if they can cause harm, then why the use of disinfection tunnel is continued.

Mehta then told the apex court that a directive would be issued to stop the use of the disinfection tunnel by September 8.

On August 10, the Supreme Court sought a response from the government on this issue.

The petition was filed by law student Gursimran Singh Narula. The petition sought to stop the use of disinfection tunnel.

The petition said that the World Health Organization (WHO) and other authorities have warned about the ill effects of this tunnel.

The petition said that during the Corona crisis there was a flood of advertisements for disinfection devices.