Uttar Pradesh aims to conduct 35,000 Covid-19 tests daily

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Lucknow, July 08: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to ramp up the test capacity for coronavirus to thirty five thousand tests daily.

He said that 35 thousand tests should be done daily through Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RTPCR) and TrueNAT devices and also through rapid antigen tests.

Additional teams should be formed to collect more test samples

The Chief Minister was reviewing the unlock system at a high level meeting at Lok Bhavan here on Wednesday.

He said that by constituting an additional medical teams, their members should be imparted training in sample collection as needed to collect maximum test samples.

He also directed to keep all testing equipments of testing laboratories operational.

Encourage private hospitals to use truenat machines for Covid-19 tests

Yogi said that TB can also be tested by the TrueNat machine. Thus this machine is very useful, because through it, it is possible to test both Covid-19 and TB. In view of this, private hospitals should be encouraged to install and use truenat machine.

Covid help desk should be regular and smooth operation

The Chief Minister said that the Covid Help Desk is a strong link in stopping the spread of highly contagious disease. In view of this, while rendering instructions to increase the number of Covid Help Desk, CM said that regular and smooth operation of Covid Help Desk should be ensured.

Keep arrangements of Covid and Non Covid hospitals

He said that the arrangements of all Covid and Non Covid hospitals should be maintained properly. The District Magistrates and the Chief Medical Officers should regularly monitor the works of the hospitals in their district.

He further instructed that doctors and nurses should take continuous rounds in all Covid and Non Covid hospitals. There should be proper sanitation in hospitals.

He said that 48 hours of oxygen backup must be available in hospitals.

He also directed the police and PAC personnel to take all necessary steps to keep them safe from infection.

People do not get out of unnecessary house in the unlocked period

The Chief Minister said that to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it is also necessary to make people aware of its rescue. The public address system should be continued to provide information about the measures related to prevention of corona. People should also be told that this disease can be avoided by adopting ‘two yards, mask is necessary’. It is also necessary that people do not leave the house unnecessary during unlock period.

Three-day special sanitation campaign will be conducted in the state

Emphasizing the important role of cleanliness in preventing the spread of Covid-19 infection and communicable diseases, the Chief Minister directed to conduct a three-day special cleanliness campaign in the state.

He said that this campaign will be run in rural and urban areas on the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This campaign should be conducted with full coordination by other departments and institutions, including the Urban Development Department, Rural Development Department and Panchayati Raj Department.

He instructed to take special care of social distance in special cleanliness drive.

Spray anti-larva chemicals in special communicable disease control campaign

The Chief Minister said that at present a special communicable disease control campaign is in progress. Anti-larva chemicals should be sprayed in all districts during the campaign. Also, effective action of fogging should be ensured.

He said that piped drinking water schemes should be effectively operated to supply pure drinking water. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the water tanks. Community toilets should be constructed in villages giving special priority.