Uttar Pradesh: A woman gives birth to 5 babies in Barabanki

Barabanki, April 29: A 26-year-old woman gave birth to quintuplets of five children on Wednesday at Community Health Centre (CHC) in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh.

Five children include two boys and three girls. The condition of one child is said to be critical, while the remaining infants are in healthy condition. All these have been referred to the district hospital.

According to doctors, these babies are born prematurely, so they are being treated with utmost precaution.

Kundan Gautam, resident of Kuthalupur village of Suratganj block of the district rushed to his wife Anita Gautam to the local CHC as she felt labour pain. Here, the woman gave birth to five children. Due to the premature birth of children, they were sent to the district hospital for their necessary treatment.

Indra Mohan Tiwari, posted at the district hospital said that the children were born on Suratganj CHC and that the children were born prematurely. Due to early birth, all the organs of children are not functioning properly. Due to this, special treatment is being given to these newborns. One of these children is not well, but four children are healthy.

The father of the children, Kundan Gautam told that today his wife has given birth to five children, including three girls and two boys.

He said that not one but five happiness have come together at his home and he is very happy with it. But when a child’s condition was deteriorated, he was praying to God that all his children be healthy.

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