Uttar Pradesh: 25 crore saplings to spread greenery in the state at the cost of 17 billion, 50 crore rupees

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70.1 rupees per plant is estimated to be spent, each detail is given in the letter .

Expenditure to be in three phases, in the first phase only nine billion 55 crores will be incurred.

Lucknow, May 24: The details of the expenditure on 25 crore plantations to be made by the Forest Department all over UP has been shown as Rs. 70.01 including all the phases at a wage of Rs. 201, i.e., it will cost Rs. 70.01 to prepare a sapling.

According to this, 17 billion, 50 crore, 25 lakh rupees will be spent. This expenditure will be in three phases.

However, in the first phase, advance soil work and planting work is to be done, in which the cost is Rs 38.21 per plant.

Accordingly, in the first phase itself, 9 billion, 55 crore, 25 lakh rupees are estimated to be spent.

The details of the complete expenditure are shown in letter no. P-942/36-P-23A sent by Chief Conservator of Forests, Social Forestry to all the nodal officers and district officials.

According to that letter, in the first phase, seven rupees 76 paise for digging the pit, Rs. 9.92 on cow dung, filling the pit with a mixture of manure. , Rs. 4.48 on irrigation, Rs. 1.38 in weeding-weeding of plants, Rs. 92 four times including the total cost of irrigation of plants, spraying of pesticide medicine and fertilizer. In this way, Rs 38.21 will be spent on the first phase of wages of Rs 201.

According to the letter, the total expenditure in the second phase is Rs 18.12.

Accordingly, Rs. 4,53,00,00,000 will be spent on planting 25 crore plants. In this, full view of fertilizer etc. has been given. This expenditure has also been taken out at a wage of Rs 201. The department has made complete preparations for this.

The expenditure of Rs. 13.68 per plant has been shown in the third phase.

According to this, according to the wages of two hundred and one rupees, weeding Rs 1.38 per plant, irrigation of plants six times.80 rupees, repair of engines etc. five hundred rupees a lump sum, other expenditure one thousand rupees per hectare, there has to be a lavish expenditure. In this way, the total expenditure in planting 25 crore saplings in the third phase is Rs. 3,42,00,00,000.