US Covid-19 vaccine to enter market by Nov-Dec

Corna vaccine likely to enter market by year-end.

Vaccine will not be delivered on first come, first served basis: Expert Report

Health care worker to get vaccine first: CDC

Los Angeles, September 02: Corona Vaccine is on speed track. The US FDA has indicated on Tuesday that it may issue a license even before the results of the third clinical trial of the vaccine come out.

This has led to expectations of the Corona vaccine coming into the market even before the end of this year.

Two US companies – Modrena and Fizer – have had two successful clinical trials in the past month in terms of making the Corona vaccine available in abundance in the global market.

Meanwhile, the third trial of these companies has started. With them, a British biopharmaceutical company AstraZenec has also joined the third clinical trial. With this, American scientists have expressed confidence that this vaccine will come in the market by the end of this year.

Similarly, Britain’s ‘Esther Janec’ company in collaboration with Oxford University has started clinical trials for thirty thousand people for the third clinical trial.

Operation Rap Speed: The US Food and Drug Administration have indicated on Tuesday that if everything goes well during the third clinical trial, the vaccine may be released even before its results as President Donald Trump has also indicated that the vaccine should continue until the election.

For this, Operation Rap Speed ​​was formed to create the requisite co-ordination between the companies engaged in vaccine making.

In this context, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said in a statement on Monday that two American companies, Moderna Biotech and Fizer are also involved in their third clinical trial in the development and production of the Corona vaccine. “Operation Rap Speed” is on all these trials. It was formed in the month of May.

Who will get the vaccine first: In an expert report on Tuesday, a statement said that in the first phase, this corona vaccine will be the first health care worker engaged in risky health work.

According to earlier CDC beliefs, there has been practice since 1964 that vaccines should be given to the health care worker first of all. This time too, it has been recommended to follow the same rules.

In the second and third stages, the critically ill, elderly and corona infected patients and all others in the third phase can be injected with free vaccine. After this, this vaccine will be given to those who need it the least.

The Trump administration has already tied up 100 million doses with the vaccine-producing companies.

However, Sirum Institute of India is the largest vaccine manufacturer in India. Other than these are Glecksmiths Cleaners and Fishers, both of which are American companies.

US immunologist Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that by the end of this week, he would be able to say that the vaccine would come on the market before the end of this year.

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