UP: Preparations begin to link 18 services to Aadhaar to reduce rush at RTO offices

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Lucknow, 10 March: The Transport Department has started preparations to link Aadhaar card (link) to around 18 services to reduce heavy rush at Regional Transport Office (RTO) and ARTO offices.

However, with the implementation of this system, many services will be available without going to the RTO and ARTO offices, except for a permanent driving license (DL).

 So, applicants will have to go to RTO and ARTO office for about 07 essential works including of making of permanent DL and fitness of vehicles as soon as they are linked to the base of about 18 services provided by the Transport Department.

Without visiting the RTO and ARTO office, apart from the 06 work related to DL, many other works will also be completed. This includes learning license, DL renewal, duplicate DL, international driving license permit, change of address in DL, registration of new vehicles, No Objection Certificate, transfer of vehicles (NOC) etc.

Transport Commissioner Dheeraj Sahu said on Wednesday that the notification of the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has come. It is being studied. Based on this, NIC (National Informatics Center) will be sought to help in streamlining this system. Right now this process may take some time.

Actually, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it necessary to take the decision of linking the identity of all applicants with Aadhaar. At present, there are 25 types of DL and vehicle related functions in RTO and ARTO office so far. With the implementation of this system, many tasks will be done without going to RTO and ARTO.