UP Police stops Inter-Faith wedding as locals find love-jihad angle

Kushinagar, December 8: The Kasaya Police of the district Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh stopped a wedding ceremony on the charge of ‘love jihad’, the police said.  

However, The Kushinagar police have arrested a Maulvi, including a Muslim man, Hindu woman, and also the owner of the house where the marriage was being held, to the police station.

The incident is of 8 pm on Tuesday night. All are being questioned in the police station.

According to the police, a Muslim man and a Hindu girl are outsiders. However, a wedding was secretly planned in Armaan Khan’s house in Gurmiya Khan Tola of Kasaya police station area. A maulvi named Ejaz Khan was called for the ritual of Nikah.

Meanwhile, when some people of the village got the clue of ​​this, they informed the police in anticipation of love jihad.

The police reached the spot has taken the four into custody and brought them to the police station. Police is strictly interrogating everyone.

Ram Vilas Yadav, the station in-charge, confirmed the case and informed that investigation is going on. All are in custody. If the case turns out to be ‘love-jihad’, then legal action will be taken.

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