UP Madrasa Board students now to study on mobile app

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Lucknow, June 24: The Yogi government of the Uttar Pradesh is preparing to provide a big relief to more than 2.5 lakh students studying in the madrassa. From the new session, students of Madrasa Board will also be able to study through mobile app.

Madarsa Board is going to take another big step regarding the modernization of madrasas in Uttar Pradesh.

Jirgamuddin, a member of the UP Madrasa Board, said that the proposal to prepare the mobile app has been sent to the board. After the declaration of the result, the work of preparing the mobile app will be done.

He told that the board will try its best that from the new session, students can do their studies on the mobile app.

558 aided and about 17000 private madrasas in the state

Jirgamuddin informed that 558 aided madrasas and about 17,000 private madrasas are operating across the state. More than 2.5 lakh students are enrolled in these Islamic schools. The government is constantly making efforts to provide better education to the madrasa students. For this reason, the work of providing online education in madrasas has been started in this session. For this, madrasa teachers are being trained online under the supervision of the madrasa board.

โ€œMany experts have also been included in the training program. These things are being told to teachers how to make online education effective. Jirgamuddin said that the education of children was to be made from this session by making a mobile app, but due to the Kovid transition, now students will be able to study on the mobile app from the new session,โ€ he added.

Training to one thousand teachers in 15 days

Danish Azad, a member of the Uttar Pradesh State Language Committee said that online training programs are being run for teachers in collaboration with the Madrasa Board. In the first phase, a 15-day training program was conducted. In this, teachers of IITs, IIMs and various universities have given training to more than one thousand madrasa teachers on how to conduct online studies. In the second phase, the work of training the remaining teachers will be done.

The picture of madrasas changed in four years

A spokesperson of the state government told that in four years, the state government has done the work of changing the picture of madrassas. In order to provide better education to the madrasa students, the NCERT syllabus was introduced in the madrassas, so that madrasa students could join the mainstream of the society by getting modern education with Dini Talim. Madrasa board examinations were regularized in four years.

 479 crore for modernization

He said that under the new system, the government has provided chair tables to the students who took the examination sitting on the ground. 479 crore has been proposed in this financial budget for the modernization of madrasas which is many times more than the previous governments.

Syllabus reduced

Danish Azad, a member of the UP Language Committee stated that to provide relief to the madrasa students, their syllabus was reduced. Earlier students had to study from 12 to 15 books but the syllabus has reduced; only seven to eight books were implemented. The papers which used to be long were divided into sections and shortened. This has brought great convenience to the students.