UP: FM presents digital budget of Rs 5.5 lakh crores

Lucknow, 22 February: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh on Monday presented the budget for the financial year 2021-22 in both houses of the Legislature.

Meanwhile, paperless budget was presented for the first time in the history of the state.

Finance Minister Suresh Kumar Khanna has presented a budget of 5 lakh 50 thousand 270 crore 78 lakh in the Vidhan Sabha. This is the largest budget till date.

Presented examples of discipline, restraint and diligence in the corona transition period

Finance Minister Suresh Kumar Khanna said in the budget speech that the year 2020 was a very challenging year for the whole world. The medical system and economy of so-called the world’s superpower countries appeared helpless in the front of global pandemic. The leadership of India and the people of India presented an example of discipline, restraint and diligence to the whole world during dark times.

He said that under the able leadership and guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is not possible to describe the solidarity and militancy that the public representatives, doctors, paramedical personnel, police forces, public servants and generals have shown before the global pandemic Covid-19.

All set out to defeat the epidemic under the able leadership of Chief Minister Yogi.

The Finance Minister said, “If you believe, there is a way out, even after taking the wind, the lamp burns.” He said that the state’s medical system, policemen, transport services, food and supply services and other government employees stood firm to defeat this epidemic under the able leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

“The guidelines issued by the Government of India for prevention of infection were followed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in letter and spirit. One-sixth of the country’s population lives in Uttar Pradesh, in which case the challenge of dealing with the corona epidemic in the state becomes even greater,” Khanna spoke.

Government introduced foresight and prepared an action plan before lockdown

He said that the State Government, while showing foresight, formed a three-member committee of the Council of Ministers in March 2020 to consider providing assistance to the needy even before the nationwide lockdown. The committee submitted its report before lockdown with a detailed action plan to provide assistance to the needy, assessing the possible circumstances.

Financial assistance given to more than 20 lakh workers

He said that in order to materialize the work plan, about 20 lakh labourers registered in the labour department of the state were provided with maintenance assistance at the rate of one thousand per labour. Along with this, assistance was also provided by preparing data of daily wage labourers, street vendors, weekly market vendors etc. in cities.

He said that in addition to providing assistance of one thousand per person, marking financially helpless people in rural areas. Meanwhile, migrant labourers coming from other states were assisted by linking them with MNREGA. More than 54 lakh persons were provided with maintenance support.

Aim to double farmers’ income

The Finance Minister said that the goal is to double the income of farmers. Financial assistance of five lakh was given to the farmers who died in the road accident. Similarly, ‘Mukhyamantri Abhyodaya Yojana’ was started. Water, electricity and banking facilities will be available in every household. There are continuous campaigns for women’s safety.

Budget is dedicated to youth and employment, giving security to every woman

He said that the budget of 2020-21 is dedicated to youth and employment. Employees’ salaries and pensions were paid. They are giving protection to every woman of the state. The government is taking tough action against the culprits. Five crore twelve lakh students received debit cards. The goal is to make Uttar Pradesh self-reliant. Complaints are being dealt with fast. More than 6,800 crore rupees were sent to farmers’ accounts.

“Along with this, the government has made several important provisions in the budget to provide relief to every section. While funds have been arranged to complete major development related projects, full care has also been taken for the health sector. Apart from this, funds have also been arranged in the budget related to agriculture, employment and other sectors,” Minister concluded.

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