UP: Allahabad High Court to hold virtual hearing from Monday

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Prayagraj, 09 January: Only virtual hearing will be held in Allahabad High Court from January 10. After the meeting of the High Court Administrative Committee held on Sunday, the physical hearing has been closed for two weeks.

This decision has been taken with the concurrence of the office bearers of the High Court Bar Association. It has been decided that if the link is not available during the hearing of the case or due to any reason the case cannot be heard, that case will be kept for hearing again after a day. In view of the increasing outbreak of Corona, the Administrative Committee has taken this decision by holding an online meeting with the office bearers of the Bar Association.

Even before this, a decision was taken for a virtual hearing from January 3, but due to the opposition of the lawyers for not getting the link, the decision was withdrawn.

Now in view of the increasing number of corona patients, it has been decided to conduct a virtual hearing again. The admission of cases will be done in both online and physical mode.

General Secretary SD Singh Jadoun said that Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal has assured the Bar Association that there will be no adverse order in case the link is not found. If the bail application is not heard, the case will be listed again after a day.