Unanimous decision on Ayodhya case: Golden chapter of democracy and judiciary: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was live through his official twitter account while addressing the Nation

New Delhi, November 09: Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed the Supreme Court verdict on the Ayodhya case as a golden chapter for Indian democracy and judiciary and said that the message for the country is that it is time to join and connect connect to live together. He termed the Supreme Court’s decision on Ayodhya case a new dawn.

In his address to the Nation on Saturday evening, Modi said that the date of November 9 has been recorded as a historic achievement in history. In this regard, he referred to the collapse of the Berlin Wall between West Germany and East Germany nearly three decades ago. He said that the Berlin Wall was demolished on November 9, 1991, and people living across the globe were reunited. Today is the date of November 9 when the verdict on Ayodhya case has come and the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor has been inaugurated. These events teach us that big goals can be achieved by mutual cooperation and togetherness. In relation to the inauguration of the Kartarpur corridor, Modi said that India and Pakistan both cooperated in the opening of corridor.

The Prime Minister said that the Ayodhya dispute that had been going on for decades had affected many generations. Now, after the decision has come, if there is any bitterness and disharmony in anyone’s mind at any time, then it is time to give them relief. The new generation has to build a new India in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. In the new India, there is a need to be determined to take everyone along and develop everyone and earn everyone’s trust. There is no place for fear, bitterness and negativity in the new India.

Modi, while praising the Supreme Court and its judges, said that it is a matter of happiness that a unanimous decision has come. He said that if there is any small dispute in the family, then he also has trouble in resolving it. The judges of the Supreme Court listened patiently to all the parties during the hearing. The unanimous verdict given by the court is reflected in the strong will of the judges. The Supreme Court is its judge and the authority to praise the country’s justice system.

The Prime Minister said that India is the largest democracy in the world, but it is well known today that the world also came to know that India’s democracy is vibrant and strong. He said that after the decision, every section, community and creed of the society has accepted this decision with an open heart. It reflects the ancient culture, traditions and sense of harmony of India.

Modi said that unity in diversity is the soul of thousands of years old Indian culture. This feeling is exposed today with its fullness. He said that today’s event is not a thing borrowed from history, but 130 crore Indians have added a golden chapter to history.

Emphasizing the adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law, the Prime Minister said that the Supreme Court has given its message that the toughest issues can be resolved within the scope of the Constitution and the limits of rules and regulations. The decision may take time, but it is only right to maintain faith in the constitution and judicial process patiently. He called the Supreme Court’s decision on Ayodhya case a new dawn.

Modi said that now the way for the construction of Ram temple has been paved. It is the responsibility of the countrymen to dedicate themselves to nation building. We have to move forward with peace, harmony and harmony and achieve new goals and new floors. The Prime Minister greeted the people, including the minorities, to the Prophet Hazrat’s birthday Milad-un-Nabi.

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