Ulemas appeal Muslims to take Covid vaccine once available

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Lucknow, 27 December: The Muslim religious leaders have appealed to the people of their community to take the corona vaccine once it is available in the country.

While the entire country and state are waiting for the vaccine to come soon in the fight against global pandemic coronavirus disease, there is also an attempt to create misunderstanding among the Muslims through many rumours about it. In a rumour regarding the Covid vaccine, it is being described as ‘haram’ in the Islam.

Renowned Muslim cleric Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali has put such rumour-mongers in the dock who question the intention of the vaccine by saying that protecting life in Islam is most important.

He said that it is illegal to decide on the things heard in Islam. How can anything be called haram or halal without any evidence?

“Those calling the Covid-19 vaccine as ‘Haraam’ should tell also from which doctor they have taken the information,” he added.  

He said that the protection of life has been described as the most important in Islam. Prophet- e- Islam Hazrat Mohammad Saheb ordered treatment through medicine. Corona disease has killed many people worldwide. There is no option to treat this disease.

He further said that if a drug contains any harmless thing and it has no option to save life, then it can be taken.

Maulan urges everyone not to spread rumours about the corona vaccine like the polio vaccine, but to wait for the vaccine and seek the advice of a doctor.

Apart from this, many other Muslim ulemas have also appealed to the Muslims to apply the vaccine on its arrival, rather than getting entangled in the matter.

Maulana Yasub Abbas told that it is legitimate to save lives in the religion of Islam. It is necessary in Islam religion to save the life of an animal, then humans are a distant thing.

He said that some people are creating misunderstandings about the Corona vaccine. However, it is still a medicine and everyone should get this vaccine together and save humanity.

At the same time, according to Maulana Saif Abbas, what is forbidden in Islam is normal. But, if there is an emergency, Islam allows us for whatever medicine will be made for it and the medicine with which it will be made. In such a situation, Muslims should not refrain from taking doses of the Corona vaccine.

According to Maulana Sufiyan Nizami, all Muslims who believe in and follow the religion of Islam will also have to believe in the religion of Islam, which says that protecting life, saving it is the first priority. To save lives, if any medicine comes in which un-Islamic things have been found, then it should also be consumed.

He said that the people of Mumbai are saying that there is pork in it, then tell them that whatever medicines are being made today, are they all clear. If today’s medicines are also checked, then they have found things which are banned in Islam, but, because we have to save lives. That’s why we take those medicines. Therefore, all Muslims should consume the Corona vaccine, as Arab countries have also acknowledged this.

Actually, many types of discussions about the corona vaccine are intensifying. It is said in one of these that the corona vaccine contains ‘pork gelatin’. Pork is considered ‘haram’ in Islam. Hence, fundamentalists are now raising the question whether the corona vaccine is ‘halal’ or ‘haram’.

It is being said in these discussions that the vaccine should not be taken under any circumstances, unless Maulana examines the pork in the vaccine.

The Raza Academy of Mumbai has also issued a fatwa regarding this, that Muslims should not use this medicine unless medical experts and muftis allow it first.

After this, many Muslim religious clerics have clarified the situation and appealed to people to apply the vaccine.

The UAE Fatwa Council of the United Arab Emirates has termed it justified for Muslims, even when pork gelatin is used in vaccines for the Corona vaccine. It says that it is necessary to save human life first.