New Delhi, 02 May: A tweet by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at war with Russia has hurt Indians. Ukraine has apologized after protests by Indians for sharing an objectionable picture of Maa Kali in a tweet.

In a tweet on April 30, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine tweeted a picture amid a plume of smoke. In this picture, a picture was visible on top of the balloon, with a garland of skulls around the neck with the tongue sticking out. Ukrainian Defense Ministry deleted the tweet after Indians expressed their anger on social media. Even after deleting the tweet, this picture is going viral on social media. People are accusing the Defense Ministry of Ukraine of insensitivity and hurting the sentiments of Indians. Some Indian Twitter users criticized External Affairs Minister S.K. Has also demanded Jaishankar’s intervention.

First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Zhepar tweeted that we apologize for the tweet of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in which Goddess Kali was depicted incorrectly. Ukraine and its people respect India’s unique culture and appreciate its support. This photo has already been removed. Ukraine is determined to enhance friendship and cooperation with India in the spirit of mutual respect.