The huge fall in the Rupee against the Dollar ,direct impact on your pocket

New Delhi, Sep 18 : After the drone attack on Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, there was a tremendous increase in the prices of crude oil. This led to a fall in the rupee against the dollar.

Know how much your budget will directly affect the rupee depreciation? A fall in the rupee against the dollar will increase the prices of cars whose parts are imported from abroad. This will directly affect the cost of the car. The price of computers, mobiles and televisions may also increase due to electronic parts imported from abroad. If the price of the rupee falls, the prices of petrol and diesel will increase. This will increase transportation and transportation costs. This will increase inflation, which will directly affect your budget.

If the rupee declines continuously, then the RBI can increase the interest rates. This will increase the EMI of home loan. The fall of the rupee will also directly affect the students studying abroad. Those students will have to pay more fees. People who want to visit abroad, the fall of the rupee will also affect them. This will increase spending on the pocket. Petrol and diesel prices will increase due to increase in crude oil prices and rupee depreciation. This will directly affect your pocket. The fall of the rupee does not just have a negative effect. Exporters of the country will also benefit from this.

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