The country got 1 AIIMS in 55 yrs while 22 AIIMS built by Modi govt in 7 yrs: Yogi

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Sitapur, 30 May: On the completion of seven years of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the Centre, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday interacted with the people of village Ghurepara of Sitapur and village Sizhari of Mahoba.

On this occasion, he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fulfilled what he promised and after taking over the reins of India in 2014, the picture and destiny of the country have completely changed. At the same time, those who ruled the country for 55 years gave only one All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), but in seven years, Modi has given 22 AIIMS.

Yogi said that before becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi literally implemented whatever was there. Every person is getting the benefit of his public welfare schemes without discrimination. When he took over the power of the country as Prime Minister, he inherited an India where terrorism was at its peak. There was corruption. Racial violence was common. Development was limited to a few people but soon after Modi took over the leadership, the picture of the country also changed and destiny as well.

Unprecedented growth in health facilities

Yogi said that during these seven years of the Prime Minister there has been an unprecedented increase in health facilities. 300 medical colleges are being built across the country while the Uttar Pradesh did not have AIIMS till 2014 but today there are two.

โ€œLike AIIMS, an all-encompassing institution is being built in โ€˜Kashiโ€™. There were only 12 medical colleges in the state till 2016; it is under the guidance of the Prime Minister that today 30 medical colleges are being built here. The Prime Minister has given a new direction to the country, a new vision,โ€ added CM Yogi.

Middleman finished, all the money comes directly into the account

Yogi pointed out that when the Prime Minister started a drive to open Jan Dhan bank accounts, how people reacted, but they used technology properly. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system was encouraged. When the poor welfare package was announced in the first wave of coronavirus, the same Jan Dhan account and DBT system came into play. No middleman. No corruption. All the money that came from Delhi went to bank accounts of the poor.

The Chief Minister said that in the first wave and second wave, the Prime Minister has repeatedly appealed not to take the disease lightly and we also have to take a pledge not to take this pandemic lightly. We should follow the rules of its rescue; remember that the best way to prevent disease is to avoid it.