The challenge before SGPGI when two AIIMS start next year, ready for competition: Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow, 14 December: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attended the program organized on the 37th Foundation Day of the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) of the capital on Monday.

During this, CM mentioned about the new challenges before the SGPGI regarding the commencement of two new All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMSs) in the state next year and advised to be ready for the competition.   

“When the OPD of the institute has not started yet, he said that what will happen to the patient if the doctors are afraid of going to the OPD. The credibility of SGPGI has to be met,” CM said.

SGPGI received a sum of seven crore rupees

The Chief Minister spoke that SGPGI and Power Great Corporation India Limited have signed the MoU. Under this, an amount of seven crore rupees is being provided to SGPGI. He thanked Power Great Corporation India Limited for this.

Tele-medicine is a very important need today

The Chief Minister said that tele-medicine is really needed today. We have very closely realized the usefulness of telemedicine in effectively advancing the country’s fight against Corona. When the corona cases increased after the lockdown, then the challenge before us was that naturally such a large population inside the state should be protected from infection and those who were caught in the corona, made a system to protect them by giving better treatment. Go

“For this, dedicated covid Hospitals were established in every district. Where we had medical colleges, medical colleges were built there. Where there were no medical colleges, the district hospital or a vacant building of the state government was developed as a 300-bed Kovid Hospital,” CM added.

Virtual ICUs launched during the infection period were successful

The Chief Minister said that we had also set up command and control centers for each district. During this period, the office of the Chief Minister and the Medical Education Minister worked to communicate with patients, doctors etc. During this time it was revealed that we do not have specialist doctors in many places in the state. Then we gave the responsibility of medical institutions within the state to SGPGI, KGMU, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS) to start virtual ICUs.

The Chief Minister said that the virtual ICU started by SGPGI from here was very successful. We connected most of the medical colleges through this. At the same time, Power Great Corporation India Limited has helped to connect six medical institutions in the state with the facility of telemedicine ICU, heartfelt congratulations to the corporation for this.

37 years in the history of SGPGI very proud

The Chief Minister further said that indeed 37 years is a very good time for any institution to prove itself. In this period we can find out what is the direction of the institute, where is the institution going and what is the future ahead of the institute.

He said that if it is said that these 37 years have been very glorious in the history of SGPGI. With a new faith, not only the state but the surrounding states also look at SGPGI, it is a matter of great pride. He said that there are challenges ahead of us. We all have to update ourselves for further preparation.

SGPGI is opposed to recognition like AIIMS

The Chief Minister opined that where there is a possibility, the expectations of the people are also there and where people feel that they cannot do anything, people do not even expect. He said that living up to expectations only makes our life famous. This is what makes our life memorable for other people and then this journey is inspiring for the coming generation.

The Chief Minister said that this challenge is in front of SGPGI today. Institutes like AIIMS have come inside the state now. He said that there was a demand from SGPGI to get him recognition like AIIMS. I have always been very hostile to this. Then I used to say that SGPGI itself has the ability to go beyond AIIMS.

Yogi said that we actually have a mindset that we too will follow him. While the field of medical is a field where we can prove ourselves through education, training and research and this was the purpose behind the establishment of SGPGI.

SGPGI should be forward thinking

He said that SGPGI also achieved many important achievements during this period. But, somewhere there was this mentality that we should also be equal, now we have to think ahead. SGPGI will have to stand up for new thinking, new competition.

The Chief Minister said that by 2020 SGPGI stands as the most prestigious institution in the state. But, in 2021, two new AIIMS in Uttar Pradesh are going to be fully operational in Gorakhpur and Rae Bareli. With this, BHU Varanasi, an institute equivalent to AIIMS is also being started and we have taken forward the action plan to develop other institutions within the state.

The best platform available for SGPGI

The Chief Minister said that although the work pressure in SGPGI is very high. But, I believe that where there is so much potential. Among them we have our own Forest has to be carried forward. The entire system of medical treatment is based on treatment. Through this, research has to be carried forward and the best platform for these possibilities is Uttar Pradesh available for SGPGI. It is necessary to try and work towards how we can make better use of that platform.

The public also expressed the kind of response towards the institution which acted

He said that SGPGI should improve its technology further. SGPGI should also start its own OPD. What will happen if the doctor runs away? Most hospitals have started OPD. Why is SGPGI not able to do this? The trauma center of SGPGI was earlier told that they should run. But, we said that it is SGPGI, so why not run it. When run, the patients are going there today even after being satisfied. The public also reacted to the institution which did good work and which did bad work. This is the era of mobile and technology so one cannot hide anything. We used to keep an eye on everything, what kind of facilities and food is being provided.

Institute will lag behind if it does not move fast

He said that poor patients should also get the facility of Ayushman Bharat Scheme. They get facilities to patients without recommendation. Organ, liver and heart transplants should have started in SGPGI by now. We have to take fast steps in this direction, otherwise we will fall behind. The credibility of SGPGI has to be met. Work should not be interrupted on trivial matters. If you do well, you will get fame and if you run, you will be in love.

Government developed a very good system of medical college

The Chief Minister said that a normal person does not come to SGPGI. A patient comes here only after having a medical college from the district hospital. We have developed a very good system of medical colleges within the state. From 1947 to 2016-17, only 12 Government Medical Colleges were established in the state. Between 2017 and 2020, we are building 30 new government medical colleges. It can be estimated from how fast the government is working for infrastructure in the state. Advance life support ambulances of all the districts are providing.

He said that those who think that this is Uttar Pradesh five years ago, they see the infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh very weak. At the same time, those who have seen it closely, were convinced that we will win the battle of Corona very strongly. We said that we would win the Battle of Corona. Today many institutions could not stop themselves from appreciating our efforts. Each institution contributed to this.

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