Tablighi Jamaat: Chargesheet filed in Markaz case, names of 83 foreign Jamaatis from 20 countries

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New Delhi, May 26: In the Tabligi Jamaat case, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police has filed a charge sheet in the Saket Court, which contains the names of 83 Jamaatis from 20 countries.

However, taking the matter into consideration, the Saket Court has issued summons to all the Jamaatis. The court has directed everyone to appear on June 12.

In the 15 thousand 449 pages chargesheet of Delhi Police, all have been accused of violating the Foreign Act and Visa Rules.

The chargesheet names ten people from Saudi Arabia, seven from China, three from Ukraine, six from Sudan, six from the Philippines, eight from Brazil, four from Afghanistan, two from Australia.

Apart from this, one citizen each of Russia, France, Egypt and Jordan is also included in the chargesheet.

The crime branch had given notice to 41 of these foreign nationals and questioned them.

Nizamuddin Markaz’s address is given in everyone’s visa form.

According to the Crime Branch, 2041 foreigners came from 67 countries in Nizamuddin’s Markaz. These include 553 from Indonesia, 497 from Bangladesh, 151 from Thailand, 145 from Kyrgyzstan and 118 from Malaysia.

In addition, 577 followers of Tablighi Jamaat from other 62 countries were arrived.

However, the crime branch raided Nizamuddin Markaz in South Delhi and Maulana Saad’s, chief of Tablighi Jamaat, house and the farm house in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh twice in this case.

It is noteworthy that the followers of Tablighi Jamaat had gathered in large numbers, defying the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown that came in force on March 24 to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, in the event held on March 31 in Markaz of Nizamuddin.

After that the administration had evicted the people of Tabligi Jamaat and sent them to several Quarantine Centers meant for Covid-19 patients.