Corona-crisis: Supreme Court Bar Association to provide financial help to needy lawyers

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New Delhi, May 26: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has decided to provide financial assistance to the needy lawyers after the enforcement of countrywide lockdown caused by the Corona crisis. SCBA has announced to give twenty thousand rupees to needy lawyers.

SCBA will provide financial assistance to the same lawyers whose names will be included in the SCBA voter list.

SCBA will provide financial assistance to lawyers whose annual income is less than eight lakh rupees. Lawyers applying for this will also have to attach a copy of their income tax return.

Last April, SCBA announced a loan to its member lawyers. The lawyers who have taken loan earlier will not get the benefit of the new scheme.

According to the notice issued by the signature of SCBA Secretary Rohit Pandey, the names of the attorneys getting help will not be made public.

So, lawyers seeking financial help will have to download the application from the SCBA website and apply by June 3.