Sulfur, hydrogen found on moon, Pragyan rover’s search continues

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New Delhi, 30 August: Pragyan Rover traveling on the surface of the Moon has given new information. The presence of sulfur has been confirmed in the samples sent by the rover. Sulfur is an essential element for life. Pragyan Rover has also got many other important elements. However, the search for hydrogen continues.

According to information shared by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on X, sulfur has been found on the Moon. The Laser Based Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS) instrument is mounted on the Chandrayaan-3 mission Pragyan Rover. This instrument has clearly confirmed the presence of Sulfur(s) on the Moon’s surface near the South Pole.

Along with this, aluminum, calcium, iron, chromium, titanium, magnesium, silicon and oxygen have also been detected on the moon. However, hydrogen is yet to be discovered on the Moon.