Sri Lanka will not harm Indian interests: Gotabaya

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Colombo, 25 November: Before visiting New Delhi this weekend, the new Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said on Monday that he would work closely with India and would do nothing to harm Indian interests.

Be aware that Rajapaksa is considered pro-China, but he said that Sri Lanka will be a neutral country and will work together with all countries. It is to be known that on 29 November, Rajapaksa will go for an official visit to New Delhi for the first time.

He said in an interview that he would not fall into the power struggle of the superpowers, because being a small country cannot survive by falling into the balance of power. Rajapaksa also said that he wanted to work closely with India and China.

He said that Sri Lanka is located at a strategically important place where all sea routes pass through. Therefore, these routes should be free and no country should control these routes.

He insisted that his elder brother’s closeness with China was purely commercial and invited India, Singapore and Japan to invest in the country, not just China. Rajapaksa swore that he would create a favorable climate for investment in Sri Lanka.