Spl drive of cleanliness to run in Ferozabad and Mathura districts after order of CM Yogi

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Lucknow, 02 September: After the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Uttar Pradesh government has instructed to run a special campaign of cleanliness in Firozabad and Mathura district.

Also, in addition to further the surveillance, the state-wide surveillance programs will be organized by 07 to 16 September. Health workers will go home and identify people with fever and symptoms of Covid.

Additional Chief Secretary of State, Medical and Health, Amit Mohan Prasad said here on Thursday that during the monsoon, the case of scrub Typhus has also been found in Mathura with Dengue Outbreak in Mathura and Firozabad. Therapeutic and fever patients will be surveyed with inhibitory in the field of patients found to be positive for effective control of dengue disease.

He said that according to the prescribed guidelines in rural and urban areas, source reduction activities will be operated regularly. In areas where one or more dengue patients will be found, the affected whole gram area will be sprayed the anti-larvae by sending the team in the neighbourhood.

Instructions for prevention within three days after confirmation of dengue

Additional Chief Secretary said that the action of prevention within three days will be taken within three days when the patients of dengue. Simultaneously, when the dengue patients are confirmed, Pyraima will be sprayed in that house and around 50 homes. It will also be organized with active case search, source reduction, awareness programs towards the dengue disease of the mass.

Labs will be sent samples

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked to ensure the arrangements for ensuring the arrangement of beds in hospitals and to ensure patients to deliver the hospital to the patients.

The health department team will be sent to the lab for the investigation by taking samples of patients.

He said that Elisa (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) should be used for the test of dengue using Reader-based NSI (in the first five days of symptoms) and IGM (five days).

Significantly, Chief Minister Yogi had instructed to clean the urban and rural bodies in the area while taking cognizance of the incident of Firozabad. Under this, a special campaign of cleanliness will be run in District Mathura and Firozabad.