So far 29 Covid-19 positives including 2 female prisoners and 10 male prisoners in Kanpur jail

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Kanpur, 17 March: Confirmation of presence of coronavirus infection among two more inmates in the afternoon, after ten infected prisoners were found in Kanpur District Prison in the morning, has raised concerns among the officials of the District and Health Department along with the jail administration.

Meanwhile, two women prisoners, along with ten male inmates were confirmed corona positive. All of them are being treated in the prison at L-1 hospital after keeping them in quarantine.

However, two teams of the Health Department have started taking steps under the Corona Protocol to take samples of 250 prisoners in prison to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection in other inmates. The district has also seen an increase in the number of corona infections on Wednesday and a total of 104 active cases have been reported on Wednesday.

In this regard, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Anil Mishra informed that 76 prisoners were lodged in a barrack in the district jail. In all these testing, presence of coronavirus infection has been confirmed among 10 prisoners. In the afternoon, two female prisoners have also been found infected with Covid.

โ€œHowever, treatment has been started under the Covid Protocol, keeping all the infected prisoners hospitalized in the District Jail. He said that by making the barracks a sanitizer, necessary action is being taken to prevent it from spreading in the jail,โ€ he said.

The CMO also informed that while sending the two teams to the prison hospital, samples of about 250 detainees in the barracks coming in contact with the infected are being tested. The detainees, who have got symptoms of Covid, have been admitted to the prison in L-One Hospital, where they have been admitted to quarantine centres.

Jail Superintendent R. K. Jaiswal apprised that two female prisoners who were confirmed to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 responsible virus for Covid-19 in the afternoon, while 10 prisoners had received corona report positive in the morning. The report of a woman and a man who came positive in the afternoon came to jail about three months ago.