Shiva devotees queue up for Baba Vishwanath ‘darshan’ on the 6th Monday of Sawan month

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Varanasi, August 14: In the rare coincidence of the sixth Monday of the pious month of Sawan and Shivratri of Sawan, long queue of Shiva devotees and Kanwariyas for ‘Jalabhishek’ and ‘darshan’ can be witnessed at the Baba Vishwanath temple on Monday.

The golden court of Raj Rajeshwar Baba Vishwanath and the entire temple complex resonates with the proclamation of Har Har Mahadev and Bol Bam.

A tableau of Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh will be decorated in the evening in the court. Devotees are eager to see the Shiva family together. This form of Baba will be seen in the night aarti. The road leading to the Dham and the whole city is looking Shivamay.

In the sixth and Purushottam month of Sawan, after Mangala Aarti in the court of Baba Vishwanath, the process of darshan-worship started as soon as the doors of the golden sanctum sanctorum opened.

Shiva devotees and Kanwariyas are getting tableau darshan from outside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Iron vessels have been installed to offer water to the holy Jyotirlinga. Gangajal and worship materials are directly reaching Baba’s Jyotirling through these vessels.

Devotees and Kanwariyas are reaching Baba’s abode with water after taking holy dip at Ganga Ghat. Shiva devotees are gathering in Godaulia, Dashashwamedh and Chowk areas.

On one side the queue of devotees continued till Dashashwamedh Ghat via Godaulia and on the other side till beyond the Chowk. Since midnight, the devotees surrounded their respective places in the barricading leading from Bansfatak and Gate number four and started waiting for the dawn.

The entire corridor is full of devotees of Shiva. On the sixth Monday of Sawan, more than 06 lakh devotees are estimated to worship in Srikashi Vishwanath temple.

If the administration is to be believed, the number of Shiva devotees offering darshan and worship in the Shiva court can cross the number of one crore. Shiva devotees have seen Baba Vishwanath’s floating idol, Gauri Shankar Swaroop, Amrit Varsha Swaroop, Bhagirathi Swaroop, Tapasyarat Parvati Swaroop’s makeup on every Monday in the court.

Devadhidev’s Ardhanarishwar form will be decorated on the seventh Monday and Baba’s Rudraksh will be decorated on the last and eighth Monday.

On the other hand, in view of the increase in Ganga, the entry of devotees from Lalita Ghat is closed due to security reasons. The visitors who are coming from Maidagin Square. They are reaching the temple by entering from the checking point near gate number-four. After darshan, he is being taken out from the Nandu Faria exit. Those Shiv devotees who are coming from Godaulia intersection, they are entering the temple from Dhundhiraj Ganesh checking point via Bansfatak via Kotwalpura.

After darshan they are leaving from Nandu Faria exit. In this sequence, the visitors coming from Dashashwamedh Ghat, after entering through Saraswati Gate, passing through YSK-2 checking point, they are coming out from Saraswati Gate itself.

On the sixth Monday of the month of Sawan, crowds are gathering for Jalabhishek in all major pagodas including Mahamrityunjaya, Gauri Kedareshwar, Tilbhandeshwar, Shooltankeshwar, BHU Vishwanath Temple. There is an unbroken queue of lakhs of devotees for Jalabhishek at Markandeya Mahadev Dham located in Chaubepur Kaithi.