Serial blast outside Kabul airport kills 13, several wounded

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Kabul, 26 August: At least 13 people have been killed and hundreds are reported injured in two serial blasts outside Kabul’s airport.

The dead included foreign nationals, the elderly, women and children. The injured are being admitted to the hospital. US defense organization Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed the attack.

More than six thousand people gathered outside Kabul airport to go out of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, on Thursday evening, there was a big explosion outside the Abbe Gate of Kabul Airport. The blast is believed to be a suicide attack. After this, the second blast took place outside Baroon Hotel, where British soldiers were staying.

However, after the first blast, France had issued an alert regarding the second blast, after which it exploded again after some time. There is an atmosphere of panic due to the twin blasts at Kabul Airport and its surrounding areas. America, Russia and France had issued an alert for their people on Thursday itself, despite that people were frozen at the airport. Even after these blasts, no one is ready to go back to their homes.

After the serial blast, America has issued an advisory to its people to go back to the embassy and go safely. The Pentagon has confirmed the wounding of several American soldiers and the death of American civilians in this attack.

The US Defense Ministry has claimed that American citizens have also been killed in the blasts near Kabul Airport.

On the other hand, the Taliban has said that we had warned American soldiers about the blasts. US President Joe Biden is monitoring the information about the suicide attack in Kabul and is about to address the nation again.

Tensions may escalate between Taliban and NATO

Tensions between Taliban and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces are expected to escalate after two suicide attacks at Kabul airport. The Taliban have already opened fire on an Italian Air Force plane on Thursday evening.

Rocket attack possible at airport

After two suicide attacks at Kabul airport, US soldiers are asking people present there to withdraw from there. US troops have feared rocket attacks on the airport and the crowd.

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