SC gives permission to 15 private operators to take 1200 pilgrims on Haj

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New Delhi, June 19: The Supreme Court has granted relief to 15 private operators. The vacation bench of the Supreme Court has allowed these operators to carry 1,200 passengers.

The court has directed that no action be taken against those private Haj operators until the Haj pilgrims return. The court has asked the central government to present its side in the hearing of the case on July 7 in the Delhi High Court.

Private Haj operators challenged the decision of the Delhi High Court. Private Haj operators had said that due to disqualification by the central government, they were no longer able to send pilgrims to Haj.

He said that many Hajis had made bookings to go to Haj through him, but now they will not be able to go on Haj this year due to their disqualification by the Central Government.