Disagree over ‘service charge, clash erupts b/w customers & Noida restaurant personnel, FIRs lodged

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Noida, June 19: A video of a fight between customers and restaurant employees went viral on social media, showing individuals from both sides assaulting one other inside the Spectrum Mall in Noida’s Sector 75.

According to officials, an argument about the service charge evolved into a violent brawl between a family and the personnel.

According to police, FIRs have been filed on both sides, and the arrest procedure is proceeding. “In the restaurant located in Spectrum Mall of Police Station Sector 113 area, there was an incident of argument/fight between the customers and restaurant staff regarding the service charge, in relation to which both sides filed complaints and FIRs have been registered,” an officer said.

According to Harish Chander, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Noida, claimed the video is being reviewed in order to identify the assailants. “Last night, a fight was reported in a restaurant called Duty Free in Spectrum Mall, which is under the jurisdiction of police station 113. We learned that a family had eaten at this restaurant, where there had been a confrontation between the personnel and the customers about the service fee. Following the filing of the charges, the necessary legal action is being pursued. Those who have attacked will be apprehended,” he stated.