Research: Mouthwash can prevent Covid-19 infection, keep teeth and gums clean

London, 22 April: According to the latest research, if the hygiene of teeth and mouth is taken care of, then it can help to prevent corona infection, in this your mouthwash can be better helpful. This helps prevent the virus from going from the mouth to the lungs.

The latest research published in the journal Oral Medicine and Dental Research states that mouthwash is proving effective in neutralizing the SARS-CoV-2 responsible virus for Covid-19.

Researchers in the study have said that the coronavirus reaches the blood directly if someone is suffering from a gum problem. Similarly, in people suffering from dental problems, this coronavirus can reach the lungs through the mouth. The gums enter the body directly through saliva and blood due to the leakage of blood.

Covid infection can be more severe for people struggling with dental problems, it has been found in the study.

According to the researchers, along with keeping the mouth clean, special care is needed for the health of teeth and gums which will help in fighting this infection effectively.

Professor Ian Chappell of Birmingham University, UK, said that we also need to understand why some people are suffering from lung problems due to corona infection. He pointed out that the outcome of the study may also change the way the epidemic is dealt with.

According to the researchers, just taking care of mouth hygiene can prevent the seriousness of corona infection. It is an easy and economical way for everyone, it can save many lives.

While the entire world is reeling under the global pandemic Covid-19 infection, the ongoing research by scientists is also adding to the link of relief and safety every day.

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